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How do you base your fees?

Please keep in mind that hiring a trained professional harpist is not strictly the performance time at your event. The cost of providing the exceptional experience you and your guests

may have seen and heard at other events and DESERVE include instrument insurance, my advertising, harp maintenance, etc. Please keep in mind the fee includes all correspondence, telephone consultations, time to prepare music, unloading at event location, setting-up, tuning, “tear down” at end of even, no matter what the length of performance and as professional harpist for over 25 years in the wedding and event planning business, I do not charge overtime or other fees many other harpists charge. Once I arrive at event, I move quickly. Also keep in mind: My harp weighs 85 pounds and is transported on a dolly. I, the harpist make two trips to the vehicle at home, at the event unloading, reloading and unloading again at home. Harpists are few and far between, though some are only Studio Musicians and do not perform events. Some play multiple instruments and say they “play harp”, yet have no educational or professional training. Trust one of your most important beautiful days to a professional, as you would your catering, jeweler, florist, cake designer, Officiant, wedding planner, etc. Music is one of the more important joyful events of a wedding day and should not be thought of as an afterthought after all your other wedding plans are complete.

If we decide to hire you, what happens next?

I will email you a simple Performance Contract that you simply sign, scan and return to me. I require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to be sent in along with the Performance Contract.

Can you play the cocktail hour/dinner hour after our wedding ceremony?

If cocktail hour is desired AT THE SAME VENUE, then yes, of course and there is an additional charge. If it required for me to move my harp to a completely new venue, within a resonable radius of miles, then that is actually a second Performance and would be like a second job and there is an additional surcharge to the original ceremony fee. Having the harp for cocktail hour is ideal as your D.J. can concentrate on his set up in the other locations of the venue. I work with all D.J.’s.

Do you have your own amplification equipment?

Yes, I perform with my own amplifier and special effects and am completely self-contained so that everyone attending your event can hear me.

Do you charge Overtime?

No. However, every effort should be made to ensure your wedding starts on time, yet we all know this is not always possible and therefore ask the client to designate someone at the event to keep me informed as common courtesy, as I may have other events that same day as important as yours that require travel, etc.

How long will you play?

I will play as long as it takes for your wedding ceremony and will play prelude music as guests arrive, as well.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes. Although some locations excuse the harpist from liability, I am fully insured under General Liability for any location in Southern California. Most locations in L.A. County do not, but some do in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and I am insured, though no one ever gets “hurt” from a harp!

When and How is payment handled?

After the deposit is paid and sent to me upon booking, the balance is due 7 days before the event, either my check mailed to me or on Venmo.

Do you do in-person consultations?

I am able and available to speak with you via phone or email regarding any special questions, concerns or requests, so it is generally not necessary to meet with me in person, as I perform at numerous Bridal Expos, Bridal Fairs, Event Shows and am happy to provide information to you as when and where those are.

Do we have to select our music or can we leave it up to you?

As a professional musician for over 30 years (yes, that’s right!) who has performed for hundreds of weddings all over Southern California, both indoors, outdoors, homes, country clubs, yachts, parks, corporations, I am very experienced at wedding ceremonies and always spice it up for cocktail hours. If you have very specific or unusual musical requests for your ceremony, those requests must be made known to me no less than 4 weeks from your wedding to determine whether the piece is suitable, appropriate and exquisite on specifically the harp. If it is not, I am happy to offer alternative suggestions with lots of options.

Do you charge for mileage?

Generally, in Ventura County or west L.A. County, I do not charge for mileage, but in Los Angeles, or traveling to Santa Barbara, though close, a 15 mile trip can take an unusual amount of time. Mileage reimbursement is standard and has been for professional musicians for years. Mileage charge will be built into my fee and not separate, if charged at all.

What Kind of Harp do you Play?

I play a Lyon and Healy Style 3 1926 24k GOLD LEAF working instrument that is a one of a kind exceptional 7 pedal harp. Yes, Harps have pedals. Some harpist own a few “harps”, some of which stay at home, and some they use for their gigs or performances. You may be rest assured: I only use my exceptional Gold Leaf Style 3 Concert Grand 47 string harp, which is maintained meticulously and fully insured. If you are looking for “celtic” style music, I am able to provide that to you playing acoustically and playing appropriate Celtic music on my Concert Grand. I do not use a plain “back up” instrument for performances..only the BEST FOR YOU!